Team AeroDynamix

Team AeroDynamix flies RV aircraft from different series designed by Richard Van Grunsven. RV aircraft are kitplanes, as most of the team's planes are home built by the pilots themselves. Every aircraft has a different color scheme, but all of them are equipped with white smoke generators. The pilots are from Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. The team's main practice base is Anderson, South Carolina, USA.

Today the Team AeroDynamix is the largest aerobatic team in the world flying 12 aircraft, most of them RV-8, but also RV-7 and RV-8A types. The main twelve aircraft formation performs just turns and fly-bys. Team AeroDynamix also splits into three formations of four planes – Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Flights. Only Alpha Flight shows formation aerobatic maneuvers such as loops. The other two display mainly opposite maneuvers.



The team's history leads back to 2002 in Atlanta, when two RV aircraft owners, Mike "Kahuna" Stewart and Bob "Subob" Goodman, started flying in formation, received the name "Team RV". Since then the team evolved into bigger formations, and in 2010, the team became the biggest display team in the world, beginning to fly 12 aircraft. A year earlier, the team started flying aerobatics, as before then they performed just mostly fly-bys.

From November 2012, Team RV changed its name to Team AeroDynamix, as the new name better communicates the high entertainment nature of the team's precision formation aerobatic performance.