Silver Stars

Silver Stars aerobatic team logo

The "Silver Stars" are the current Egyptian Air Force aerobatic display team flying 10 K-8E Karakorum jet trainer aircraft painted in a white, red and black paint scheme. All of the team's aircraft are equipped with smoke generators capable of producing white, red and blue smoke.

During shows, the "Silver Stars" perform a set of eight different formations along with several single aircraft passes. Aircraft #6325 (Star 1) carries the name "Mostafa" on the fuselage after the team's leader. The remaining aircraft also carry their pilot's names painted on the nose of each airplane.

All of the Silver Stars aerobatic team pilots are flying instructors at the Egyptian Air Academy based in Belbeis Airport.


The Egyptian Air Force demonstration team, the "Silver Stars" was formed in mid-1974 to help celebrate the "October War" victory anniversary. The pilots of this early team were flying instructors at the Air Force College and they each flew four L-29 jet trainers painted in dark green and brown and yellow - the standard camouflage color scheme.

In 1984, the "Silver Stars" switched to six Alpha Jet trainers and, in the following year, increased the number of aircraft to nine.

In 2003, the team switched to the K-8E Karakorum trainer and, since 2005, the team has been led by Group Captain Mostafa Fathi.

In 2010, the team increased yet again and are flying ten aircraft - nine formation planes plus a solo.

Silver Stars K-8E Karakorum paint scheme. Via Tony R Silver Stars K-8E Karakorum. Via Tony R Silver Stars K-8E Karakorum. Via Tony R Silver Stars K-8E Karakorum. Via Tony R Silver Stars pilots. Via Tony R