Flying Stars


The "Flying Stars" (Letece Zvezde) were a Yugoslavian Air Force aerobatic display team.

In 1984, the Jastreb J-1 (Hawk) team from the Yugoslav Air Force Academy based at Zemunik near Zadar, was re-established and, a year later, they received the "Flying Stars" name, becoming first Yugoslavian aerobatic display team to receive an official name. The team was equipped with 9 formation aircraft and 1 spare each painted in yellow, red, white and blue colors. The "Flying Stars" Jastreb aircraft were also equipped with red, blue and white smoke generators. During their 20 minute demonstration, the "Flying Stars" would separate into two formations of five and four aircraft.

In 1990, the team's aircraft were replaced with the new Yugoslavian-built combat training aircraft, the SOKO G-4 "Super Galeb" (galeb = seagull). The planes were painted in overall blue, red and white colors, with one large star on the bottom of the fuselage. A year later, the team was disbanded during the war with Slovenia. The team's aircraft did not however take part in combat missions.

The "Flying Stars" team was once again reformed at the end of 1996 as part of the 172nd Air Brigade at Podgorica Air Base. This time, the team's paint scheme was slightly changed with the lower fuselage star replaced with six white stars. Team still used white, red and blue smoke generators.

On 27-28 September 1997, the team made its first foreign display at Krumovo, Bulgaria.

The following year, during the war in Yugoslavia and with NATO air attacks, all the "Flying Stars" aircraft were destroyed at the Golubovci Air Base in Montenegro.

In 2007, a new civil Serbian display team was formed flying G-2 Galeb jet trainers, which used almost the same color scheme as the "Flying Stars". This team was simply named the "Stars" and was formed by ex-"Flying Stars" pilots.

Flying Stars J-1 Jastreb Flying Stars J-1 Jastreb Flying Stars SOKO G-4 Super Galeb Flying Stars SOKO G-4 Super Galeb Flying Stars SOKO G-4 Super Galeb