Israel Aerobatic Team

Israel Aerobatic Team T-6A Efroni, from June 2010

The current Israeli Air Force (IAF) aerobatic team flies four red & white-painted Beechcraft T-6A trainers (known as the “Efroni” in Israeli service).

The team consists of four demonstration pilots plus one navigator, who flies in the back seat of the leader's aircraft. All the pilots are instructors at the Flying School which necessitates refresher formation aerobatic training just a few weeks before each event.

The instructors must complete a minimum of 50 flying hours in the various aerobatic formations. All four T-6A Efroni aircraft are equipped with white smoke generators.

The team has no permanent statute or official name and it performs just a few times each year, primarily at the graduation ceremonies of the IAF Flight Academy marking the end of each flight course.

The Israel Aerobatic Team also performs on the nation’s Independence Day and at Israel Air Force day airshows.

Israel Aerobatic Team T-6A Efroni, from June 2010

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