Blue Eagles

United Kingdom
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The "Blue Eagles" were a Army Air Corps helicopter aerobatic display team.

The team has normally consisted of one Lynx AH Mk1 helicopter and four Gazelle SA341B helicopters. In contrast to other teams, their leader wasn't the commander of the team. The commander's position was filled by an Army Air Corps officer. The leader flew the Lynx with the call sign of "Eagle 1". An assistant pilot also flew on the Lynx and helped the leader to watch the other helicopters as he performed amazing maneuvers. The technical support for the team was provided by 8 personnel: a manager who made presentations to the audience; a head of land insurance; a head of the vehicles; a photographer; an inspector; an avionics technician and two mechanics.

The "Blue Eagles" show included many and varied formation maneuvers, cross-overs in different directions, etc. The most amazing performances of a loop and wing-over were demonstrated by the Lynx. The team's helicopters did not carry any special team markings but they were equipped with smoke-generators producing orange smoke.

The "Blue Eagles" have suspended displays since the 2010 season for financial and operational reasons.

Blue Eagles Gazelle SA341B Blue Eagles Gazelle SA341B Blue Eagles Lynx AH Mk1 Blue Eagles Gazelle SA341B Blue Eagles Gazelle SA341B