USAF Red Devils

United States
USAF Red Devils demonstration team pilots. Standing from left are Lt. Gabriel Bartholomew, Maj. John England (leader) and Lt. Leon Pagan; kneeling from left are Capt. Joe Joiner and Lt. James Putnam

The "Red Devils" demonstration team was based at Las Vegas Air Force Base (later renamed Nellis Air Force Base), Nevada. Flying four P-51 Mustangs, the team was in existence for less than a year in 1949.

Team's pilots were: Maj. John England as leader along with Lt. Gabriel Bartholomew, Lt. Leon Pagan, Capt. Joe Joiner and Lt. James Putnam. England Air Force Base, La., was eventually named for Maj. England, who was later killed in an aircraft crash in 1954.

USAF Red Devils P-51 Mustang