US Army Skylarks

United States
Skylarks Boeing P-12E

The "Skylarks" aerobatic team from US Army Air Corps at Maxwell Field, Alabama, was created in 1935 once again under the mentoring of Captain Claire L. Chennault who had been the creator and leader of the "Three Men on a Flying Trapeze" aerobatic display team from the same airbase. A major event in the team's history were the displays at the National Air Races at Cleveland, Ohio, in September 1937.

The team's display included tight formation flying, loops in formation, barrel rolls, spins, Immelmans, a double formation roll, an inverted flight formation, and a snap roll from the top of a loop.

The team's pilots were Capt. Charles D. McAllister as leader, Lt. Wilbur W. Aring, Lt. Carl D. Storrie and Lt. Clayton E. Hughes. They flew three Boeing P-12E pursuit fighters and were eventually disbanded at the end of 1937 due to personnel reassignments.