Sky Wing Air Demonstration Team

Sky Wing Air Demonstration Team logo

The Sky Wing Air Demonstration Team is a new aerobatic demonstration team of the People's Liberation Army Air Force.

The team was newly formed in 2011 using the piston-engined Nanchang CJ-6 trainer. The Sky Wing (Tianzhiyi) is composed of eight aircraft as only six flying in demonstration and 16 university instructor pilots from the Chinese Air Force University at Changchun-Dafangshen in Jilin province.

The aircraft are painted in an overall blue color scheme with red and white accents. Sky Wing Nanchang CJ-6 planes are also equipped with smoke generators to produce red, orange, white and violet smoke. The first public demonstration of the team was on 1st September 2011 at Aviation Open Day held in Changchun City in Jilin province.

Sky Wing Nanchang CJ-6. Photo by Weimeng