Guardian Angels

United States
Guardian Angels pilots from left to right:  Capt. John F.R. Scott, 1st Lt. Malcolm Henry, 1st Lt. Bill Marriott and Capt. Jesse Mitchell on the flight line at Spaatz Field in Reading, Pa., following an airshow at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa., in 1952. (Photo

The "Guardian Angels" aerobatic team was formed in 1952 from the pilots of 104th Fighter Squadron from the Maryland Air National Guard. The team was composed of leader Capt. John F. R. Scott Jr, right wing 1st Lt. William Marriott, left wing 1st Lt. Malcolm Henry and slot Capt. Jesse D. Mitchell Jr. The idea for the team belonged to Capt. Scott.

The "Guardian Angels" flew four F-51H Mustang aircraft and performed only a few times before being disbanded at the end of 1953.

Guardian Angels F-51H Mustang. (Photo 175th Wing website) Guardian Angels F-51H Mustang. (Photo 175th Wing website)