Frecce Tricolori 2015 Schedule

Frecce Tricolori

3 Election and inauguration of President of the Republic, Rome - flypass

17 National Unity Day, Rome - flypass

23 Oath and baptism Course Sparvieri V, Pozzuoli - flypass

1 Expo 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" Opening Ceremony, Milan - flypass
8 Bari Airshow, Bari coast
14 Air Show Ischia, Island of Ischia
24 Scylla and Charybdis Air Show, Reggio Calabria coast

2 Altar of the Fatherland in Rome flypass, Rome
7 Bellaria Air Show, Bellaria Igea Marina
14 Jesolo Airshow, Jesolo
21 Air Show Parma, Parma Airport
27-28 Meeting National Armée de l'Air, 116 Air Base, Luxeuil, France

5 Broad Air Show, Vasto waterfront
12 W Lignano 2015, waterfront of Lignano Sabbiadoro
30 International Culdrose Air Day 2015, Culdrose Airport, United Kingdom

2 Grade Air Show, Grado coast
9 Livorno Air Show, Livorno coast
16 Ali of Peschiera, Peschiera del Garda coast
22-23 Polish International Air Show, Radom, Poland
29-30 Slovak International Air Fest, Sliac, Slovakia

5-6 55 years of Frecce Tricolori Airshow, Rivolto

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