Yak-130 testing color smoke system

Mar 22, 2014
Yak-130 formation at Borisoglebsk Training Center

Yakovlev design bureau testing color smoke system on Yak-130 jet aircraft at Gromov test center. At the moment just two colors to be tested and if the results are good the system will be set on the planes of the new Russian Air Force aerobatic team which have to fly Yak-130. This team still does not have name yet, but practiced at Borisoglebsk Training Center near Voronezh.

None the Swifts or Russian Knights display teams ever used with smoke systems, so this new team will be the first to use smoke, as almost every military aerobatic team in the world.

In February, Irkut Aircraft factory president Oleg Demchenko announced at Singapore Air Show, that the team would be equipped with 12 Yak-130 jet combat aircraft. The company signed a contract with the Defense Ministry in December to the delivery 12 Yak-130 aircraft to form a new aerobatics team.