Hoppers aerobatic team fatal crash

Sep 02, 2012
Hoppers aerobatic team L-39

One of the Hoppers aerobatic team L-39 crashed into the ground on September 1st during Quad City Air Show. The pilot Glenn A. Smith, 58, of Frisco, Texas, who fly as Right Wing, was killing at the scene.

The Hoppers team starts flying in formation in 1998 as recently the team flew four L-39 Albatross aircraft. At the Quad City Air Show the team flew in three-ship formation, performing flat airshow due to rainy weather means not performing vertical maneuvers.

 The crash occurred when all three L-39’s performed a break maneuver in which one of them goes up, as the rest two goes right and left. Glenn A. Smith veered his plane to much to the right and the plane goes right to the ground. It is not confirm, if the pilot error or aircraft malfunction leads to the crash.