Reno Air Race Fatal Crash

Sep 17, 2011
P-51 Galloping Ghost during Reno Air Races

A P-51 Mustang crashed on 16 September at 4:30 PM, into the stands very close to the public during qualifications for the Reno Air Races. The pilot of the crashed plane nicknamed "Galloping Ghost”, was Jimmy Leeward, 74-years old, an air racing veteran. He died at the crash and three more people on the ground, another 75 were injured. The number of deaths could be rise, as 15 of them are in critical condition. P-51, a Wold War II aircraft crashed almost vertically. At the exit from the turn, something going wrong and the plane start to climb and roll to right. When the plane almost complete the barrel roll she smashed onto the ground.

One photo indicated that the left elevator trim is broken. Probably this was the reason for the crash. All Reno Air Races are canceled.

This is the most horrible crash at the air show in USA ever.

P-51 Mustang crash video at Reno Air Races: