P-51 "Galloping Ghost" Reno crash telemetry data

Sep 29, 2011
P-51 Galloping Ghost

Here are some telemetry data from the P-51 “Galloping Ghost” which crashed at Reno.

Airspeed around pylon 7 - 495 mph.

When the trim tab broke off the aircraft pitched up pulling 21 G's and airspeed reduced to 375 mph. (Tail wheel popped out, pilot slumped below view).

Throttle stayed wide open at 105 manifold pressure until impact. Airspeed at impact was 425 mph.

Looks like pilot went to sleep in the pull and was out for the duration. The fire was suppressed by a special foam that was in the tanks.

In the crash 11 people were killed including the pilot. If it wasn't for the foam, the fatalities would have been many more.

Source: Jim Howe