Red Arrows probably will cancel all displays for the season

Aug 25, 2011
Red Arrows Hawk

Following the tragic incident on August 20, taking the life of Red 4 Flt Lt Jon Egging, all Royal Air Force Hawk planes were grounded. Now the ban has been lifted and all RAF Hawks flying operation are resumed.

This fact means that more likely the human, pilot or maintenance crew error is behind the crash.

The Red Arrows aircraft are still in Bournemouth airport where undergone routine maintenance and will return to its home base within a few days. The wreckage of the crashed airplane were removed on Wednesday to a new location.

Despite the clearance of Hawks flying, the Red Arrows will not performed until the end of the year, said source from The Ministry of Defense. The Red 4 Slot position in the team is empty now and they must prepared a new pilot who take this position.