Two Rafale jets from Vautour Bravo demonstration team collided in mid-air

May 22, 2022
Damaged Rafale who lost tail fin. Photo Twitter

Two Rafale C fighter aircraft from French Air Force Vautour Bravo tactical demonstration team collided today in mid-air during an airshow at Cognac Airbase in France.

Both pilots managed to land their jets safely, but parts of the aircraft fall to the ground at nearby village of Gensac-la-Pallue.

The tail fin of one of the aircraft fell to the ground, but no one of the village residents were injured.

The tail fin was a part of a brand newly painted Rafale C in colors of this year NATO Tiger meet.

Vautour Bravo tactical demonstration team was formed in the beginning of 2020 and consist of two Rafale C fighter jets.

Part of the tail fin in the ground [no comment] The other involving in the incident Rafale. Photo Twitter Vautour Bravo Rafale