Patrouille Suisse future is secure to 2025 despite the crash

Jun 13, 2016
The most likely formation in which the crash occurred, as here the #2 and #3 are close to each other.

"As long as the Tiger flies, there is also the Patrouille Suisse", said Swiss Air Force Commander Aldo C. Schellenberg after the crash at Leeuwarden in Netherlands.

The crash occurred when two of the Patrouille Suisse F-5E Tigers collided in mid-air at Leeuwarden, Netherlands, as one of them crashed to the ground.

The two pilots Capt. Michael Duft, flying as #3 left wing and Capt .Rodolfo Freiburghaus #2 right wing collided during a practice flight for Netherlands Air Force Open Days at Leeuwarden Air Base. Capt. Duft ejected from its faulty aircraft as Capt. Freiburghaus landed its Tiger.

The Swiss Air Force scheduled to retire its F-5E Tiger fleet in 2016. However, after the new aircraft (Gripen) purchase was cut by referendum in May 2014, the decision to extend F-5E life until 2025 was made.

The crash is under investigation from Netherlands and Suisse authorities.

Capt. Michael Duft Capt. Rodolfo Freiburghaus