Wings of Storm will become Wings of Qatar

Mar 07, 2015
Wings of Storm pilots

The pilots of Croatian Air Force aerobatic team Wings of Storm (Krila Oluje) will form an aerobatic team, that have to fly as a Qatar's display team.

The all six demonstration pilots resigned from Croatian Air Force and accepted the offer from the Emir of Qatar, who wants to create a national aerobatic team.

Since the Wings of Storm team, has few displays last year and its future is unsecure due to financial issues the pilots decided to go to Qatar and form a new display team. Team's website is no longer available since 2013. After all, the pilots' salaries will be much bigger than in Croatia.

Unfortunately, this will be the end of the Croatian Air Force aerobatic Team Wings of Storm, as I doubt all six demo pilots to be replaced soon.

The new team will fly the brand new Pilatus PC-21 aircraft under the Qatar's flag, instead of PC-9 they flew in Wings of Storm display team.

Wings of Storm