Blue Angels 2020 Schedule

Blue Angels 2020 Schedule


14 NAF El Centro Annual Air Show, El Centro  - Cancelled

21-22 LA County Air Show, Lancaster, CA - Cancelled

28-29 MacDill Air Fest, MacDill AFB, FL - Cancelled


4-5 Wings Over South Texas Air Show, NAS Kingsville, TX - Cancelled

18-19 JB Charleston Air and Space Expo, JB Charleston, SC - Cancelled

25-26 Vero Beach Air Show, Vero Beach, FL - Cancelled


2-3 MCAS Cherry Point Air Show and Open House, MCAS Cherry Point, NC - Cancelled

9-10 Dyess Big Country AirFest, Dyess AFB, TX - Cancelled

16-17 Power in the Pines Open House and Air Show, McGuire AFB, NJ - Cancelled

20 U.S. Naval Academy Air Show, Annapolis, MD - Cancelled

23-24 Jones Beach Air Show, Jones Beach, NY - Cancelled

30-31 Scott AFB Air and Space Show, Scott AFB, IL - Cancelled


13-14 Chippewa Valley Air Show, Eau Claire, WI - Cancelled

20-21 Memphis Air Show, Millington, TN - Cancelled

27-28 Dayton Air Show, Dayton, OH - Cancelled


3 Mount Rushmore National Memorial - Flyover

4 New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C. - Flyovers

4-5 National Cherry Festival Air Show, Traverse City, MI - Cancelled

11 Pensacola Beach Air Show, Pensacola Beach, FL - On Schedule

18-19 Wing Cold Lake Air Show, Cold Lake Alberta, CN - Cancelled

25-26 Milwaukee Air and Water Show, Milwaukee, WI - Cancelled


1-2 Boeing SeaFair Air Show, Seattle, WA - Cancelled

15-16 Great State of Maine Air Show, Brunswick, ME - Cancelled

29-30 Thunder Over Michigan, Ypsilanti, MI - Cancelled


5-7 Cleveland National Air Show, Cleveland, OH - Cancelled

12-13 Maryland Fleet Week and Air Show Baltimore, Baltimore, MD - Cancelled

19-20 NAS Oceana Air Show, NAS Oceana, VA - Cancelled

25 Pensacola - Flyover

26-27 MCAS Miramar Air Show, MCAS Miramar, CA - Cancelled


4 Final flight with six F/A-18 A/B/C/D “Legacy” Hornets, Pensacola - Flyover

3-4 Naval Base Ventura County Air Show, NAS Point Mugu, CA - Cancelled

10-11 San Francisco Fleet Week, San Francisco, CA - Cancelled

16-17 Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show, NAS Pensacola, FL -  Cancelled


Operation America Strong flyovers schedule:

April 28 - Blue Angels and Thunderbirds joint flights

- New York City

- Newark

- Trenton

- Philadelphia

Flyovers in Newark, New York City and surrounding boroughs will start at noon (EST) and last approximately 35 minutes.

Flyovers in Trenton will start at 1:45 p.m. (EST) and last approximately 10 minutes.

Flyovers in Philadelphia will start at 2 p.m. (EST) and last approximately 20 minutes.

Flyover maps below


May 2  - Blue Angels and Thunderbirds joint flights

- Baltimore

- Washington, D.C.

- Atlanta

Flyovers in Baltimore will start at 11:30 a.m. (EDT) and last approximately 15 minutes.

Flyovers in Washington D.C. and surrounding communities will start at 11:45 a.m. (EDT) and last approximately 20 minutes.

Flyovers in Atlanta will start at 1:35 p.m. (EDT) and last approximately 25 minutes.

Flyover maps below


May 6 - Blue Angels flyover only

- Dallas

- Fort Worth

- Houston

- New Orleans

Flyover maps and times below


May 8 - Blue Angels flyover only

- Jacksonville

- Miami

Flyover maps and times below


May 12 - Blue Angels flyover only

- Detroit

- Chicago

- Indianapolis

Flyover maps and times below


May 14 - Blue Angels flyover only

- Nashville: 12 pm (CDT) ~ 17 min

- Little Rock: 1:45 pm (CDT) ~ 5 min


America Strong flyovers maps: 

Nashville flyover map Little Rock flyover map Detroit flyover map Chicago flyover map Indianapolis flyover map Jacksonville flyover map Miami flyover map Dallas and Fort Worth flyover map Houston flyover map New Orleans flyover map Baltimore flyover map May 2 Washington D.C. flyover map May 2 Atlanta flyover map May 2 New York and Newark flyover map April 28 Trenton and Philadelphia flyover map April 28

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