Thunderbirds announced officers for 2012 season

Jun 06, 2011
Thunderbirds leader Lt. Col. Case Cunningham greetings the public.

USAF Thunderbirds will be joined by six new officers for the next 2012 demonstration season. Three of them will become demo pilots including the leader.

Maj. Greg Moseley will became the new leader and commander of the United States Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, "Thunderbirds" for the 2012 air show season. Moseley will replace Lt. Col. Case Cunningham, who is in his last season as the squadron's leader.

Maj. Caroline Jensen will replace Maj. John Gallemore as the right wing #3 position. Major Jensen will become the third Thunderbirds' female demonstration pilot an will fly at the same positions as the first one, Major Nicole Malachowski, who joined the team in 2006.

Capt. Blaine Jones will become an opposing solo pilot #6, replacing the current Maj J.R. Williams, who will go to the lead solo position in 2012, replacing Maj. Aaron Jelinek.

Capt. Michael Fisher, will become Thunderbird #8, the team's advance pilot and narrator and will replace Capt. Kristin Hubbard.

Capt. Michael Carletti will become Thunderbird #9, the team's flight surgeon and will replace Capt. Thom Bowden.

The Thunderbirds are now at the European tour.