Frecce Tricolori pilot dies in ultralight aircraft crash

Apr 30, 2023
Captain Alessio Ghersi

Captain Alessio Ghersi who flies as second right wing (callsign Pony 5) position within the Italian Air Force aerobatic team Frecce Tricilori, dies in ultralight aircaft crash yestarday.

At now the team cancelled only the first public display at May 1st.

The crash took place around 18:30 April 29, in the upper Val Torre, in the Lusevera area (Udine).

The aircraft crash wrapped in a cloud of smoke released after a flame or an explosion. The aircraft, a Pioneer 300 registration I-8548, had taken off shortly before from Campoformido, where there is an airfield.

Captain Ghersi, 34, entered the Air Force in 2007 with the Ibis V Course of the Air Force Academy. After flying school he was assigned to the 4 Stormo of Grosseto, where he obtained the qualification of combat ready pilot on the Eurofighter aircraft, carrying out air defense activities both nationally and in NATO missions. This was the fifth season with the Frecce Tricolori.