August 1st aerobatic team fatal crash

Nov 14, 2016
August 1st aerobatic team J-10

On November 12, the Chinese J-10 fighter first female pilot died in crash during practice flight.

The incident occurred when two J-10 fighters from August 1st aerobatic team collided in mid-air over Hebei province.

Capt. Yu Xu known as the “Golden Peacock”, 30, eject successfully but was hit and killed by the wing of the other involved in the incident aircraft. She was at the back seat during the training flight. The other pilot from her aircraft survived with minor injuries, after ejection. Other involved in crash J-10 fighter aircraft landed safely.

Capt. Yu Xu “Golden Peacock” earned her nickname by performing a peacock dance at the People’s Liberation Army’s aviation school in 2005.

She debuted with the August 1st aerobatic team during Zhuhai Airshow in 2014.

Yu’s death occurred less than two weeks after she took part in demonstrations of August 1st aerobatic team at Zhuhai Airshow.

This is the third J-10 crash in this year.

Capt. Yu Xu at the back seat of August 1st aerobatic teams J-10