Black Eagles 2014 Schedule

Black Eagles

5 ROKAF Space Challenge, Kun-san
6 ROKAF Space Challenge, Kim-hae
12 2014 Wando Seeweeds Expo, Wando
19 ROKAF Space Challenge, Jeju
26 ROKAF Festival with Chung-ju Citizen, Chung-ju
27 ROKAF Skyloving Festival (Suwon)

3 ROKAF Academy Alumni Day, Cheong-ju
5 The 92th Children's Day Festival, Hoeng-sung
10 ROKAF Space Challenge, Seong-nam
11 11 ROKAF Space Challenge, Gye-rong
17 The 1st ROKA Command's Local Residents Invitation, Wonju
24 ROKAF Space Challenge Final, Cheong-ju

2 2014 Gangneung Danoje Festival, Gang-neung
4 The 132th ROKAF Officer Candidates Commissioning Ceremony, Jin-ju

18-20 Boryeong Mud Festival, Boryeong

8-9 Kyungpo Summer Beach Festival, Gang-neung
15 The 9th National Marine Sports Festival, Ulsan
16 Tongyeong HANSAN Festival, Tong-yeong

19-21 The 10th Gyeongnam Sacheon Aerospace Expo, Sa-cheon
26 Bio Industry Osong Korea 2014, Cheong-ju

3 The Ground Forces Festival, Gye-rong
8 ROKAF Academy Sung Moo Festival, Cheong-ju
9-12 Kyung-gi International Aerospace Airshow, Suwon (to be confirmed)
13 Gangneung/351 Highlands Commemoration, Gangneung

11-16 Zhuhai Airshow, China (to be confirmed)

3 The 133th ROKAF Officer Candidates Commissioning Ceremony, Jin-ju