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In 1957, soon after the previous Acrobobs aerobatic team disbandment, their team leader, Major Robert Bladt, again formed an aerobatic team from No. 7 Fighter Wing at Chievres flying Hawker Hunter jet fighters in standard camouflage.

On 12 June 1957 this new, as yet unnamed, team performed their first public display at Valenciennes, France.

On 10 October 1959 at the Chievres airshow, this team presented a formation of 9 aircraft (with the lower wing skins painted in national Belgian flag colours) and along with 16 standard Hawker Hunter F.6’s. The team's future then became uncertain since some of the Air Force commanders had decided that these big formations were too expensive. Fortunately, the new Station Commander at Chievres had another point of view and decided to keep the team alive, but flying only with four bright-red painted Hunters and using two more as spares. The team then finally received its name - Red Devils. The team performed under this name for the first time in 1960. On 23 June 1963, the Red Devils performed for the last time at Chievres with Hunters.

In 1965, the team was reformed but this time was equipped with seven Fouga Magister CM-170R jet trainers. The airplanes inherited the overall red paint scheme from team's Hunter era and were equipped with red, yellow and black smoke generators. Their first display was on 27 June 1965 at Brustem.

In the beginning of 1970's, the oil crisis reduced the team’s overall number of aircraft to just two in 1972 and then to three in 1973. The next year, the Red Devils overcame the crisis and reformed as a six-ship aerobatic team. Unfortunately, in 1977, the Belgian Air Force high command halted the team existence for a considerable period.

The Red Devils was were happily re-formed as a four-ship team starting in April 2011. This new team is the successor to the previous Hardship Red display team.

Red Devils flew Hawker Hunter F.6 from 1957 to 1963 Red Devils flew Hawker Hunter F.6 from 1957 to 1963 Red Devils flew Fouga Magister from 1965 to 1977 Red Devils flew Fouga Magister from 1965 to 1977 Red Devils fly SF260 from 2011 Red Devils fly SF260 from 2011

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