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Rombik aerobatic team


Rombik Display Team

The first aerobatic display team in Polish Air Force was formed on February 16, 1969 at the Radom Air Base. This team was called “Rombik” (diminutive of rhombus) and flew four Polish-built TS-11 Iskra (Spark) jet trainers. Along with one spare pilot, the team also had two solo pilots who only flew in solo displays.

On October 5, 1969, during solo display, the engine on one of team’s plane stopped and the pilot successfully belly-landed his jet.

The first public display of the Rombik aerobatic team occurred on August 17, 1971 during the Polish Air Force Day airshow in Deblin. During this early period, the team rarely performed and the team's aircraft did not have any special color scheme.

In 1981, the “Rombik” team was disbanded during the tense situation in Poland.

Bialo-Czerwone Iskry History

The team was established in the spring of 1984 and their first performance was on July 5, in Poznan.

In 1989, the team was unofficially named “Iskry” (Sparks) and began performing with seven TS-11 Iskra trainers - a six-ship formation with one solo pilot. In 1991, their aircraft received the present white and red color scheme and they made their public debut under this name in Poznan airshow. Later on August 8, the “Iskry” team made its foreign debut by visiting Hungary and then on September 7 by performing in Belgium.

On May 3, 1993 the team increased to nine aircraft plus one solo pilot. In 1995, Team “Iskry” flew at the RIAT airshow in Fairford using this new formation.

In 1998, the team was re-organized once again and reduced to eight aircraft with two being solo pilots. On November 11, 1998, a fatal crash interrupted the team existence for two years. The crash happened when one of the team's planes had simply taken off to check the weather conditions, in preparation for the team's upcoming fly-over of the Warszawa parade.

On June 17, 2000, the team moved to its present home base in Deblin and became part of the 1st Flying Training Center. At this time the team’s name was changed to “Bialo- Czerwone Iskry” (White-Red Sparks), and reduced to seven aircraft with one solo.

During recent years the team uses different amount of aircraft at demonstration.

Rombik aerobatic team

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