New Malaysian Air Force Aerobatic Team

Nov 21, 2011
Kris Sakti EXTRA 300L

Royal Malaysian Air Force announced the creation of the new Aerobatic Display Team "Krisakti" (Magic Dagger).

The team will made a debut at Langkawi International Maritime and Air Show (LIMA Air Show) on December 2011 flying four EXTRA 300L aircraft. The new team is composed of RMAF pilots, but will also support by a private company Aerotree Defence.

"Krisakti" pilots spent several weeks training with UK civilian display team "The Blades" which also fly Extra 300 at Sywell aerodrome.

It is not clear if the new team "Krisakti" will complete the present RMAF display team "Smokey Bandits" flying MiG-29 or "Smokey Bandits" will be disbanded.

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