Rare and unique 8-ship flyover from Thunderbirds over Los Angeles

May 17, 2020
Thunderbirds over Maj. Del Bagno parents house. Photo by Cajuns Aviation Dream facebook page

On May 15, The United States Air Force Thunderbirds performed a unique and very rare 8-ship formation flyover at Los Angeles to honor their lost teammate and healthcare workers also.

After the regular six-ship formation flyover at Los Angeles, The Thunderbirds formed a rare eight-ship formation to fly over Maj. Stephen ‘Cajun’ Del Bagno parents’ house. He died on a crash occurred on Apr 4, 2018, at Nevada Test and Training Range during a routine aerial demonstration training flight.

Maj. Del Bango flew #4 slot position and for that reason only the slot aircraft in formation released a smoke during ‘Cajun’s’ parents’ house flyover.

On the way, they performed a few flyovers with all eight F-16s releasing smoke.

Before the 8-ship flyover, The Thunderbirds were involved in unexpected incident when #6 broke the six-ship formation suddenly.

Thunderbirds in eight-ship formation near the Ronald Regan Library yesterday in Simi Valley, CA. Photo by Ezra Kamer facebook profile