Snowbirds pilot was forced to eject prior a display at Atlanta Air Show

Oct 13, 2019
Capt Kevin Domon-Grenier, Snowbird 5. Photo by Snowbirds Facebook page

Capt Kevin Domon-Grenier, Snowbird 5, was forced to eject from his CT-114 Tutor aircraft shortly before a display in Atlanta Airshow this afternoon.

Capt Domon-Grenier parachuted safely to the ground and is okay. The aircraft fell in an unpopulated area and no one was injured.

The Canadian Snowbirds were scheduled to perform today over Atlanta Motor Speedway at Hampton, GA, USA, during the second day of the airshow and their display was cancelled.

The Thunderbirds also cancel the scheduled today's display at Atlanta Airshow.

No further information was provided until now.