Blue Angels jets collided during joint flypast with Thunderbirds

Apr 29, 2017
Blue Angels Delta formation. Photo US NAVY

During the joint flypast with Thunderbirds at Pensacola Beach on April 26, an incident occurred, when two of the Blue Angels Hornets collided slightly swapping the paint of the aircraft.

"Two of the jets in the Blue Angel Delta formation encountered unexpected wake turbulence, causing a very brief and minor contact between the aircraft." said Lt. Joe Hontz, spokesman for the Blue Angels. “The Blue Angels train in an environment where they fly extremely close inches away from one another and are fully prepared to respond and recover should minor contact occur." complete Hontz.

Incidents like this happen often and most of the times with minor consequences.

Both involved pilots landed safely and were cleared to resume flights for the upcoming airshow at MCAS Beaufort this weekend.