Jupiter Blue


"Jupiter Blue" was a unique Indonesian Air Force aerobatic display team.

In 2001, a single aerobatic team was formed using elements of the "Elang Biru" and "Jupiter" teams. This new team included three Hawk Mk.53's, one Hawk Mk.109 and two F-16's. At some airshows, the team used varying number of Hawks.

The name of the team was also merged from both previous teams creating "Jupiter Blue". All of the team's planes were painted in grey camouflage colors, while the Hawk Mk.109 was painted in brown-olive camouflage colors.

The "Jupiter Blue" Hawks were equipped with red and blue smoke generators and F-16's with white smoke generators; in spite of this, all the aircraft used white smoke.

Unfortunately, after fatal incident on 28 March 2002 near to Iswahyudi Airbase, when two of the Hawk Mk.53's collided in mid-air killing four pilots, the "Jupiter Blue" aerobatic display team was disbanded.



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