Red Arrows may still fly in eight planes

Aug 25, 2011
Red Arrows Hawk

The Red Arrows announced that will resume practice flight, but with only eight Hawk planes. Normally they flew nine alpines in formation, but after the Saturday fatal crash, where Red 4 Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging was killed, one of the team's positions become empty. Red Arrows team will return to their home base at Scampton, Lincolnshire in Friday and will resume practice flights on August 30, as they announced in Red Arrows official website, but only practices. The exact date of or not resuming public displays is unknown yet.

Earlier today, the Ministry of Defense source said, "it was unlikely they would do any more displays this year", so probably the rest of the 2011 season canceled. Later Red Arrows website published this "In preparation for the resumption of public displays the Red Arrows will begin flying eight ship formation display practices starting on 30 August. Display flying by the Red Arrows team, in an eight ship formation, will recommence subject to a successful period of consolidation and approval to display". Where is the truth? The time will show.

Why the Red Arrows do not such a routine like Blue Angels or Thunderbirds? When some of their pilots is unable to fly, dead, or just quits the squadron, they replaced him with the former pilot, who fly in the same position previous season?

Early this year there were voices to disband the team, as they were unable to flyover the Royal Wedding. Now a fatal crash, takes one pilot's life.

We hopes that the Royal Air Force most elite unit The Red Arrows will fly again soon as it possible, and all negative speculations about team's future ends.

Rest in Peace Jon Egging!