Red Arrows will fly in honor of Jon Egging at Bournemouth

Aug 18, 2016
Flt Lt Jon Egging

This weekend the RAF display team Red Arrows will honor Flt Lt Jon Egging at Bournemouth Air Festival. Egging died in crash completing the display at Bournemouth Air Festival on August 20, 2011.

The crash occurred after break for land maneuver in about 13:50 local time, when Egging’s Hawk aircraft hit the ground and start bouncing several times before stops at the bank of nearby River Stour.

The inquest concluded, after 16 months, that Flt Lt Egging might have succumbed to G-force impairment before attempting to correct his course in the moments before the impact.

Flt Lt Egging was experiencing a maximum 6.3 G-force when he broke formation before going to land at Bournemouth Airport. He suffered ALOC (almost loss of consciousness) from the 6.3G he was experiencing and gave little reaction, even he wearing G-suit, which have to prevent loss of consciousness due high G maneuvers.

In 2012, a memorial sculpture on Bournemouth's East Overcliff was raised in tribute to Red Arrows fallen pilot.

His mother will attend the opening of the air show later this morning, with a ceremony also planned at his memorial.

Red Arrows