Celestial Hussars


Celestial Hussars Logo Badge

The "Celestial Hussars" were a Russian Air Force aerobatic display team flying five Sukhoi Su-25 airplanes.

The team was established in 1994 from 237th Guards Proskurov Aircraft Demonstration Centre based at the Kubinka Air Base. There was originally an evaluation tryout to equip the team using three different kinds of planes, the Su-24M, Su-22 and Su-25 planes, but it was eventually decided that the support of the three individual types of aircraft would be difficult to handle. Consequently, it was decided to only equip the new team with four Su-25 ground attack aircraft along with one spare.

The team's paint scheme was overall white, red and blue colors but after a few air displays in 1997, and only in Russia, the team was disbanded.



Sukhoi Su-25

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